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Equipment & Bokkings

The ASU has the following equipment available for use by Scout Groups in the area, subject to payment of a fee towards wear and tear.  The equipment is insured for marine risks.

Braked trailer which has 12 Pyranha Master kayaks and two Mad River 16TT open canoes and all associated safety equipment. Needs a reasonable size tow car to pull it. Vans best avoided.

TOWING: If you take the set up with the open canoes on you can't tow it with a van or Land Rover due the open canoes being close to the rear of the tow vehicle, a large car / estate would be ok though). The driver needs to have towing on their driving licence.  We also have stored at the site other single kayaks and a two seater touring kayak.  We also have two more Open Canoes.

Canoe and kayaks can be hired as a fleet or individually subject to availability. Hirers must ensure they are qualified to use the equipment in accordance with Scout P.O.R.  Use of equipment fees (Fees charge to help maintain the equipment):  Day rate full set up £35. Single kayak per day £5 Single open canoe per day £8.  

We also run sessions outside of the Thursday ASU club night subject to campsite and 25th scout group site availability.  Attendees pay £2.75 each (£2 to ASU and 75p to campsite)  Really needs a minimum of 10 attendees to be viable.  Cheques are payable to W.S.E. Water Activities Fund.

2017 equipment / canoeing session bookings will be listed here.  (If booking canoeing or other visiting activities at the district campsite you must get permission from Chris Jenner at the 25th first, you will be charged a nominal campsite fee) Booking form once agreed.   The campsite bookings calendar can be seen here